Pro-Lite Floral Shovel

  • It wasn't too long after we got into the business of making tools that older women began asking us for a floral shovel. For some women, it was because they had long ago used a small headed shovel and remembered it as their favorite garden tool. For others, there is a great value in a smaller shovel head that requires less lifting strength, is easier to dig with, and is simply more compact than a traditional round point. So, we designed what we think is the best little shovel you can buy. Apparently, so did our customers because it has become an instant hit.
  • Blade Length = 8.25", Blade Width = 6", Total Length = 41.75", Weight: 3 lbs., Material: Carbon steel blade, fiberglass shaft, polypropylene and TPE grip.
  • US Patents 7,836,557, 8,006,351, D569,697.

"Designed to relieve arm, hand, and wrist stress, the Radius (mid-length) tools won over all of our testers (male and female). With stainless-steel working ends, a unique handle design, and generous stepping edges, these tools proved both comfortable to use, and strong enough for every garden task."

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