Professional Root Slayer Landscaper XL Set

  • More and more professional landscapers and irrigation workers are discovering the power of the Root Slayer family of root-cutting tools. We put together this five-piece set including extended length digging tools for professionals and hobbyists who prefer a more conventional, longer shaft. Nothing speeds up shrub removals like the innovative Root Slayer blades with their inverted V cutting tips and aggressive arrays of ripsaw root cutting teeth. This set includes the Root Slayer Shovel XL, Root Slayer Edger XL, Root Slayer Round Head Shovel XL, Root Slayer Trowel, and Root Slayer Soil Knife. People who depend on high performance, heavy-duty shovels will appreciate the dependability and effectiveness of these tools. Lifetime Guarantee.

  • See individual tools for weights and measurements. Materials: The Root Slayer Shovel XL, Edger XL, and Round Head Shovel XL feature a tempered Mid-Carbon Steel blade and pultruded reinforced extra-long fiberglass shafts with non-latex comfort grips. The hand tools feature non-latex comfort grips and powder-coated enamel mid-carbon steel blades.
  • US Patents Pending.

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