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Lighter weights and longer, fiber-glass shafts make our Pro-Lite tools ideal for many home gardeners. We use bright colors for fun, but these are serious tools with lifetime guarantees. Featuring the same blade designs as our PRO series, these will be your go-to digging tools.

"With stainless-steel working ends and generous stepping edges, these tools proved both comfortable to use, and strong enough for every garden task."

8 products found in Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Tools

Pro-Lite Transplanter
  • $ 34.99
Pro-Lite Spade
  • $ 34.99
Pro-Lite Shovel
  • $ 34.99
Pro-Lite Digging Fork
  • $ 34.99
Pro-Lite Edger
  • $ 34.99
Pro-Lite Floral Shovel
  • $ 34.99
Mini Pro-Lite Floral Shovel
  • $ 19.99

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Grandma Mooar’s Garden Tool Set
  • $ 129.99